DetectR Gives You Total Control Over Your Website Visitors

Is Your Website Leaving MONEY On The Table?

  • Improve your sites' efficiency
  • Protect your sites from spybots
  • Quality control your paid traffic
  • Detect and eliminate fraud
  • Optimize your search rankings
  • Optimize conversions (sales, leads)

Make More MONEY with SMART DetectR sites.*

* Just add a short snippet of code to your site and then set controls in a user friendly UI. Works with all sites. Even works with some Web 2.0 sites.

Most Website Managers and Online Business Owners are content to build a great site

They do some SEO to get ranked by the search engines, maybe pay for some extra traffic, and then wait to see what happens. The problem is, your website is dumb ... stupid. It just sits there treating every single visitor exactly alike no matter if that visitor is a bot or a human, from your country or the other side of the globe, seeing your site for the first time or a repeat visitor, found your site on a search engine or referred on social media.

There's a whole host of information that can be gathered about your visitors. Smart sites use that data to tailor their offer perfectly to each visitor. DetectR makes your website smart - very smart - and puts you in total control

Here's a very simple example:

Search engines hate pages focused on selling things to visitors. The result is that such pages don't rank well in its search results. However, search engines love noncommercial information and rewards such pages with good rankings. The problem is you want to sell stuff, right?

What if your site was smart enough to detect when a search engine bot comes to visit

If your site was smart enough to detect when a search engine bot come to visit and shows it a keyword rich, perfectly optimized, noncommercial information page? Meanwhile, real visitors will see a page designed to maximize conversions.

That's what DetectR does. It makes your dumb site smart! And profitable!

Hundreds have had great success using DetectR

DetectR has been a game changer for me. My income has gone up considerably due to DetectR which I think is a fabulous tool.

Wes N.

DetectR is amazing. I have it running on only 15 simple sites that went from almost no revenue to over a $1000 per month. Simple set up and it literally runs itself.

Kevin W.

DetectR is quite literally the most unique and powerful internet marketing tool on the planet with a significant variety of applications. There is nothing like it for controlling your website traffic. Support is helpful and always available. An absolute must have for your serious projects.

Daniel J.

Real testimonials from some current users.

Use Our Servers to Start and Switch to Your Own Server When You are Ready to Scale Up

With an intuitive, easy to use User Interface and by inserting a small snippet of code, DetectR will give you complete and total control over all your website visitors. DetectR runs on our servers until your traffic reaches 1,000 visits per hour. When you're ready you can install DetectR on your own server following our simple video guide and enjoy unlimited traffic at no extra fee. 

Easy to Use Interface

Complete and Total Control

Limitless Traffic & Potential $

Uptime Robot reports 100% uptime for DetectR.
Average response time under 300 ms (less than a third of a second).
DetectR 100% Uptime
Uptime Robot reports 100% uptime for DetectR.
Average response time under 300 ms (less than a third of a second).

You Have Every Reason to Try

DetectR: For Total Control


Pay Nothing

for 30 Days


After the trial pay just $97 per month


Regular Price of $147/mo

Extra Software . . . GeneratR

GeneratR is a sophisticated Wordpress plugin that automatically creates sites of any size from scratch with a minimum of input from the user. Set & Forget - You take a few minutes to set it up once and forget about it while over the next days and weeks it builds a site that ranks well and generates traffic based on your medium and long-tail keywords. Works great with niche or local keywords, or both.

Then use DetectR to send real visitors from your GeneratR sites to your money sites where you turn your traffic into CASH. 

GeneratR is updated and improved regularly. You get it at no extra cost with DetectR.

DetectR + GeneratR = a proven money-making formula.

Build a $1,000 per month passive income. Then scale up.

Read how one user used DetectR and GeneratR to create a $1,000 passive monthly income and then scaled it up to $4,000 in a matter of months.

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Instructional videos & tutorials

Instructional videos and tutorials showing how to best use the powerful features of both DetectR and GeneratR. Learn from the pros and collaborate with your fellow users.

More in depth videos & instruction in our support forum

How to Add $1,000 to your Monthly Income on a Saturday Afternoon.

Follow our step-by-step guide and see how quickly and easily you can build a serious online income no matter how much or how little success you've had in the past. 

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Pay Nothing

for 30 Days


After the trial pay just $97 per month


Regular Price of $147/mo

30 Day FREE Trial

This gives you plenty of time to get set up and learn the ropes. At any time during the trial you can cancel your subscription and owe us nothing. After the trial you will be billed our discounted rate for as long as you maintain your account. Cancel at any time and owe nothing more.

Hugh Rankin

Bonus #1: The Library

Once your free trial is over, as a paid subscriber you will also get access to our huge collection of software and courses. Others now pay thousands of dollars for what you will get at no extra charge.

Bonus #2: AccessR

As a paid subscriber you will also get access to this unique software. Think of it as letting you control a tab on our browser, letting you see everything we can on our accounts. We don't share account logins, but we do make maximum use of them. Access some of the most popular and informative IM sites on the Web.

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