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Could having multifaceted keyword research at your fingertips? 

  • Compiles huge lists of longtail keywords
  • Discovers the hottest trending keywords
  • Reveals easy to rank kws with high volume 
  • Perfect complement to Page Empire and other tools.

Longtail keywords are the gold nuggets for your business to refine

Serious Keyword Research is Necessary . . . But Who's Got the Time? 

The right keywords can be magical - golden. And the right keyword tool can be like finding the goose that lays the golden eggs - over and over again.

There once was a time when you just put some original content on your site and then sprinkled in a generous helping of widely-searched keywords. A few backlinks and before long your content was ranking and the traffic started flowing.  Not any more.

Only the big guys have the money and manpower to build sites that rank for the most popular search terms these days. But there is a method that is perfectly suited for the little guy. Instead of  putting all your eggs in one basket - a basket Google can smash in an instant with their next random update - you target many longtail keywords. Instead of targeting a keyword like "dog food" you target one like "what is the best dog food to feed a puppy" and many, many like it.  

Whether you use these longtail keywords in paid advertising campaigns or in mass automated page creation software, they are the perfect way for the little guy to claim his share of Internet gold. 

Keyword Empire is a suite of three great tools that make it quick and easy for you to mine longtail keyword nuggets. They can be used alone or together depending on your business needs. 

What if you could create the long tail keyword lists your other tools need almost instantly?

Most of us already have our own favorite keyword research tools and methods. But now there's something new. Something super fast, very simple to use and amazingly affordable. Add it to your tool kit or replace tools that have become dated. Keep reading to find out how you can get access to Keyword Empire.

Choose the keyword tool that best fits your needs of use all 3 for maximum effect

Keyword List Empire

Produce all the massive long tail keyword lists you ever need. Culled from the search engines through reiterative search complete. Includes "question" keywords - what info your niche is looking for. Get huge lists extremely fast.

Keyword Trend Empire

Exploit Google Trends to uncover the longtail keywords growing in popularity right now. Be among the very first to rank pages for them. Set KTE to update hourly. Get microtrends - trends within trends. 

Keyword Golden Ratio Empire

Analyze your longtail keyword lists and use this tested method to find the sweet spot that includes high search volume and low competition. Focus extra attention on long tails that are THE most likely to pull the most traffic.

DetectR 100% Uptime
Uptime Robot reports 100% uptime for DetectR.
Average response time under 300 ms (less than a third of a second).

You Have Every Reason to Try

Keyword Empire: Internet Gold

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When considering your Keyword Empire options also consider . . .

Page Empire

Page Empire (PE) is powerful traffic generation software that works hand in glove with DetectR. Page Empire uses sophisticated software to automatically create websites from scratch with a minimum of input from you. Set & Forget - take a few minutes to set it up once and forget about it while over the next days and weeks it builds multiple sites that rank well and generate traffic based on long-tail keywords. Page Empire works great with both niche or local keywords.

For the knockout punch, use DetectR to send all your new visitors to your sales pages, lead gen pages, or direct to your affiliate urls and turn your traffic into CASH

Page Empire is constantly under development with powerful new features already underway.

Add a FREE 30 Day trial of Page Empire to Keyword Empire for a steady source of free traffic.

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It's one thing to have loads of traffic, but it's another thing to convert that traffic into actions that result in money in your pocket. That's where DetectR comes in. A super-powered traffic distribution system, DetectR identifies important characteristics about your sites visitors and provides them with the optimal user experience.

Make sure search engines see content that preserves and improves your SERP rankings, while human visitors see perfectly designed content that converts them into sales, leads, etc. Dynamically modify your sales pages so your visitors see exactly what they are looking for. Ensure visitors see the most attractive offers for their locations and other characteristics. All this and more is possible within DetectR's simple, visual UI.

All this sounds hypothetical until you see it in action. That's why you need to take advantage of a FREE 30 Day trial of DetectR.

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Keyword Empire + Page Empire + DetectR =

a powerful money-making formula.

Be sure to get FREE 30 Day Trials of Page Empire & DetectR

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Instructional videos & tutorials

Instructional videos, tutorials, case studies and guides showing how to best use the powerful features of Keyword Empire with both Page Empire and DetectR can all be found at our sister site - register for free anytime. Watch them and then discuss what you learn in our user's forum. 

Learn from the pros and collaborate with your fellow users.