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  • Dominates SERPS for longtail keywords
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  • Runs on your own computer or a VPS
  • Total control of templates, layout, etc.


Generating FREE Organic Search Traffic Took Sooo Much Time & Effort - - Until Now!

The Holy Grail - Free organic search traffic. There's only one way to get it - by ranking on page one of Google's search results. But do you think you can compete with the biggest companies with the largest budgets in the world? Especially when Google favors them over you?

Well, actually, you can! But not the traditional way. That involves many months of long hours and serious costs. In the end you have a beautiful website that might rank fairly well for some moderately popular search terms. You're getting the traffic you worked and waited so long to see. You're even making some money from it. But all that can change in an instant - as soon as the next random Google update puts your hard-earned rankings into a tail spin. No warning, no apologies - not even an explanation - and your beautiful site is no where to be found in the SERPS.

No, the way to do it is not to compete with the big guys for the top keywords. It's to snap up all the keywords that just get searched a few times each month - but snap up as many as you can. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket - a basket Google can smash in an instant - Page Empire can build you tons of pages across dozens or even hundreds of sites. As insurance against some getting smashed by Google, you have hundreds more and the ability to create even more quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, we work hard to keep Page Empire up to date so that Google continues to love the pages it creates for you. 

The best part is that we work to keep Page Empire up to date so that Google actually loves the pages in your Page Empire. You have great control over how your pages look within a framework that utilizes every possible SEO advantage.  

What if you could create tons of traffic with your own Page Empire in just a few hours work?

Nothing good comes without a price. But sometimes that price can be a huge bargain. Traffic is the lifeblood of online business. Almost anything is possible when you have enough traffic. Try Page Empire for 30 days for FREE and see for yourself how it can easily infuse a fortune into your own online business. 

Host Your Own Sites for Maximum Effect or use Free Websites to Minimize Cost

Page Empire works with both your own self-hosted Wordpress or straight HTML sites on your own registered domains. Or you can avoid the costs of domain registration and monthly webhost server fees by letting Page Empire set up your pages on free Google Sites. Try both ways and see the advantages they offer. 

Wordpress Sites

<HTML> Sites

Google Sites

DetectR 100% Uptime
Uptime Robot reports 100% uptime for DetectR.
Average response time under 300 ms (less than a third of a second).

You Have Every Reason to Try

Page Empire: Take Command


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It's one thing to have loads of traffic, but it's another thing to convert that traffic into actions that result in money in your pocket. That's where DetectR comes in. A super-powered traffic distribution system, DetectR identifies important characteristics about your sites visitors and provides them with the optimal user experience.

Make sure search engines see content that preserves and improves your SERP rankings, while human visitors see perfectly designed content that converts them into sales, leads, etc. Dynamically modify your sales pages so your visitors see exactly what they are looking for. Ensure visitors see the most attractive offers for their locations and other characteristics. All this and more is possible within DetectR's simple, visual UI.

All this sounds hypothetical until you see it in action. That's why you need to take advantage of a FREE 30 Day trial of DetectR.

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Page Empire + DetectR = a powerful money-making formula.

Be sure to add DetectR to your FREE 30 Day Page Empire Trial

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Keyword Empire

Most of us already have our own favorite keyword research tools and methods. But now there's something new. Something super fast, very simple to use and amazingly affordable (you can even get it for free). Add it to your tool kit or replace tools that have become dated.

Keyword Empire is a suite of three great tools that make it quick and easy for you to mine longtail keyword nuggets. They can be used alone or together depending on your business needs.

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Instructional videos & tutorials

Instructional videos, tutorials, case studies and guides showing how to best use the powerful features of both DetectR and Page Empire can all be found at our sister site Digiskilz.com - register for free anytime. Watch them and then discuss what you learn in our user's forum. 

Learn from the pros and collaborate with your fellow users.

In this video we explain what Page Empire does and how it works and we show just one possible way to use it with DetectR to increase conversions.

Visit Digiskilz.com for more detailed video guides and case studies, with even more to come.

In this video we show what happened when we accidentally left Page Empire running on the demo site used in the video above.

Visit Digiskilz.com for more detailed video guides and case studies, with even more to come.

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I’ve been trying for ages to find a way to make money online and then your videos come up and save me.

Lew D.

The pages I created with Page Empire ranked on page 1 to page 3 of Google for loads of keywords in a matter of hours.

Ferg S.

30 Day FREE Trial

This gives you plenty of time to get set up and learn the ropes. At any time during the trial you can cancel your subscription and owe us nothing. After the trial you will be billed our discounted rate for as long as you maintain your account. Cancel at any time and owe nothing more.

Hugh Rankin

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